Wynwood Art Lab begins its journey at the end of 2014, with a clear purpose, the artistic exchange between artists of the world with Spain and vice versa.

The exhibition line of Wynwood Art Lab is based on Drawing, as the founder of the group Bybossy is the renowned Landscape architect & entrepreneur Artur Bossy, who makes hand-made sketches for all his creations and appreciates this art especially. In Le Corbusier's words: "I prefer to draw than to speak. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies. " Drawing is therefore the first step that led him to understand art, as a platform for the exchange of sensations, sensitivities, risk and creativity among human beings. From drawing to Wynwood Art Lab ...
Our exclusive artists have our exceptional Art Lab on Valencia St., 300 in Barcelona, ​​Spain, as a permanent representation place, and are presented on a pre-determined (not limited) tour; Barcelona-Madrid-Mallorca-Ibiza-Santo Domingo-Miami and New York are the steadiest offices. Places, those that are more in tune with the spirit of the work of each one of the artists.
Welcome to our Art Lab, welcome to our world, upload to the Bybossy & Partners Group’s cloud.

Claudia Rojas
Wynwood Art Lab Curator


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“Art and Creativity to share”




Artur Bossy

Is the renowned Landscape Architect and Entrepreneur, and the founder of By Bossy Group, to which Wynwood Art Lab belongs. Artur makes hand sketches for all his creations and appreciates this art especially. But, above all, art has to thrill and give rise to feelings.

Claudia Rojas

Is the art curator of Wynwood Art Lab. Enthusiast of the creative world from an early age and attracted by the innumerable artistic disciplines, she enters the Faculty of Fine Arts of Malaga. She participates in the 'Cabin Artists' with a mechanical sculpture project, discipline in which she specializes.

Noel Luine

Is the art communicator of Wynwood Art Lab. He combines tropical exoticism with world culture (he has lived in Papeete, Auckland, Paris, San Francisco, Damascus and the Red Sea). After extensive experience in the world of communication, he has specialized in culture and art. He is passionate about nature and environment, as well as art.



Pilar Alonso invites you to experience her new exhibition “El Cubo de Joana”, in Cubo - Espazo Aperto de Vigo.

With paper and colours, the artist Pilar Alonso tells us a story that seems to come out of television series such as Games of Thrones or the movie Matrix. The fictional characters of her first exhibitions,...