Havana, Cuba

"But what puzzling you is the nature of my game" - The Rolling Stones

"Jorge Rodríguez Diez (Havana, 1969) is one of the contemporary Cuban visual designers and artists who have been genuinely interested in reflecting and questioning the troubled and painful past of our island. He uses for this the design of the magazines of those times and the recycling of images typical of Cuban history that always manage to establish a close dialogue with the current reality. Therefore, R10 - by the name he gave himself - indicates that he is not only a chronicler of the past, but also an active protagonist of the present, an implacable critic. Postmodern pastiche, irony and sarcasm have become inescapable discursive strategies in his work, devices behind which the artist protects himself to express the most complex situations of Cuban actuality. Being already a prominent figure in the field of the Cuban visual arts, R10 has managed to recreate his own style of great visual richness and metaphorical depth." - Galería Avistamientos (Cuba)

Graduated from the Instituto Superior de Diseño in 1995. His posters have been included in Diseño de Fin de Siglo; Gráfica Cubana 1990-2000 (Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wifredo Lam, La Habana, 2001); Cuba Graphic (ICOGRADA, House of the Americas, Havana, 2007); XXI Warsaw Poster Biennial (2008); The Seattle-Havana Poster Show (Centre for the Development of Visual Arts, Havana, Seattle, 2008); Junge Szene Kuba; Grossformatige Arbeiten auf Papier; Videos, Plakate (Pasinger Fabrik, Munich, 2011); And Gritos en la pared (National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, 2013). In 2007, the poster of El cine alemán se muda a Acapulco was chosen Cultural Poster of the Year by the Friends of the Poster Club (CaCA), recognition obtained the following year by the poster La cosa está clarísima, also Award in the XVII Salón de la Ciudad, Havana.

In parallel to his career as a designer, he has expanded his profile towards the world of art, exploring different media - video, screen printing, painting and installation - from the graphic codes. In 2009, he made his first personal exhibition (Rorschach, Center for the Development of Visual Arts, Havana); and later he exhibits in Sencillamente Korda (José Martí Memorial, Havana, Vila Real de San Antonio, Portugal, 2010); SinBolos (two-person, with Adriana Arronte, Lloyd's Register, Havana, 2011); Oh, what a treat, Dona! (Staff, Rubén Martínez Villena Public Library Gallery, Havana, 2011); Review (Origins Gallery, Havana, 2011); Exhibition of Cuban Art (Daejeon Art Museum, South Korea, 2011); Listen to the silence (Galería Collage Habana, Havana, 2012); Lost (personal, collateral to the Oncena Biennial of La Habana, La Cabaña, 2012); HB (collateral to the Oncena Biennial of Havana, Pabexpo, 2012); KRteles (La Acacia Gallery, Havana, 2012); Backup Files (staff, Icheri Sheher Center for Modern Art, Baku, Azerbaijan, 2013); D Disegn. Cuban Response (Factoría Habana, Havana, 2013); POP UP Cuban Art (Columbus Cultural Arts Center, Ohio, 2013); Free Cuba: Exhibition of Art and Life under the Castros, (Hilton Columbus Downtown, Columbus, Ohio, 2014); Flower & Hewes, Art Vault Unlimited Contemporary Fine Art Gallery, Malibu; CA'From far away; ABRA Gallery, Bay Harbor, FL; Autopia: Road Trips from the Cold War to the Present; Audrey Love Gallery, Bakehouse Art Center, Miami; among other.

Reviews and critiques about his work have been published by several specialized magazines. His work is represented in private collections of Cuba, United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway, New Zealand and Australia.