Orihuela; Spain

"You need to dream again, and make those dreams possible ..."

José M.R. Trigueros is born in Orihuela (Alicante), multidisciplinary artist, graduated in BA by the faculty of Granada, and specialized in sculpture by the faculty of Seville. In his artistic career, he has gone through a first phase in which murals, graffiti and drawing marked the day to day of this person. With time and being a student in the faculty of BA, R. Trigueros is nourished by knowledge, experimented with materials and is enriched with teachers and colleagues around him, growing as an artist and as a person.

In a second phase, the professionalization after finishing his studies takes him to travel and produce work in each of the places where he stays. Stone Sculpture and the Mural Painting are the pillars of the production that he carries out until today and with which he communicates with himtself, with the society and with the people that surround him, leaving footprint in places like Honduras, Korea, Italy, Argentina and much of the national panorama.

Under the fanciful character he creates, in alter ego mode, or as a means of escape from the routine, Mr. Chapu represents both a signature for the pictorial-sculptural repertoire and a creator of images, landscapes, characters and colours. All of this contains a symbolic burden, full of personal messages reflecting Mr. Chapu's worldview, the way he interprets reality, and a daydream mode.

The influence of graffiti, painting and caricature is reflected in all his work. By means of the mural support, the canvases and the sculpture, a communication of the artist with the spectator is created, to give foot to all to bring out the child that one has inside, to extract feelings and hidden emotions and to be allowed to take, even a few instants, the passions and concerns that we all have inside; and that for fear of showing it to society, we disguise it with a mask that protects us and gives us security.