Torrejón de Ardoz; España

"…people don’t take trips; trips take people…" - John Steinbeck

"Our most precious value ... time. We move in it, our whole life is determined by reason of its walk, is unstoppable and inaccessible to our pockets and only allows us to retain it in our memory. This is what took me to photography; the power to capture those moments that make life a unique and unrepeatable instant, seconds of reality frozen in a frame. Time passes and never goes back, hence, that there are no two equal pictures. We can go to the same place, at the same time and with the same light, but we will never have a single snapshot.

Photography has allowed me to borrow fractions of life, where reality always surpasses fiction, and since I cannot stop the universal clock, I take the liberty of taking possession of the magical moments it gives us. "

From 2009 to 2012,Alberto Cob took several courses of specialized photography taught by Olga Barra, Antonio Aragón Renuncio, and the School of Image and Sound.From then on, he participated in exhibitions at Entrefotos Fair (2013), Arsenal of Venice (2014), Arte Lateral Velázquez 53 (2015), Clorofila (2017), Art Fair Málaga (2017) and the Spanish representation in The Lishui International Photography Festival, China (2013).

He won several photography competitions, including the 1st Prize for photography in the Contest Nº13 Cultura Fotográfica (2012), the 3rd Prize for the XVI Photography Contest Taranna (2012), the 1st Prize for "best photography" Reflexiva (2013); and arrived finalist in 2012 at the International Photography Awards and the FEP Awards; in 2013, at the ORA awards in Italy, the EntreFotos Fair and the National Photojournalism Prize; in 2014 ,at Mirartephoto and Arte Laguna; and in 2016 at the Entrefotos Fair and the Flamante Catalog; apart from the Honorable Mention at the Photographer's Forum Magazine of Santa Barbara, California in 2013.

Since 2017, he has integrated DNG Photo Magazine as Select Photographer, and is a finalist of the SIENNA International Awards, the PhotoEspaña Awards, the photography prizes of the Vila Casa Foundation.