Sao Paulo; Brazil

"There is a language that goes beyond words."

Interested by the world of Plastic Arts, she began her first studies of Drawing and Painting at the studio of Francisco Valderrama at the age of 18. She then enters the Escola Massana in Barcelona where she practices her works with the human figure, and discovers her attraction to the portrait. She has exhibited her works for more than 25 years in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Florence, leaving evident the exclusivity of her portraits and orders at international level.

Apart from her work as a plastic artist, she designed costumes for various plays and won the Xarxa prize for children's theatre, for a children's adaptation of Mozart's Magic Flute. In addition, she designed the costumes for the show for L'Ànec Blau shopping center in Castelldefels, and the poster announcing the Major Festival in Gavá, her city, after receiving the first prize of the contest in 1999.

Her incessant restlessness leads her to study Visual Merchandising and, for 15 years, she combines her activity as a plastic artist with interior decoration, another of her passions, and ends up creating her own decoration company - highlighting the collaborations in the Modwit project for modular houses and the decoration of the villa Ghizé (Doha).

In recent years, she has entered the world of Digital Art where she produces unusual portraits. In this field, she discover traits of the personality, passions or circumstances of the character, offering exclusivity and exquisiteness. Of particular note are the 30-meter artistic mural for the project The Secret Garden by the architect Artur Bossy, and the Albert portrait series for its great delicacy and sensitivity.