Sao Paulo; Brazil

"There is a language that goes beyond words."

Marilena Barquero (Sao Paulo, 1971) is an artist from Barcelona with Latin American influences and intense contacts with the German cultural metropolis of Berlin.

Attracted by the world of the plastic arts from a very early age, she began her artistic studies under the renowned artist and teacher Francisco Valderrama, experimenting pictorial techniques and showing a special gift for the artistic portrait in all its variants. Later, at the prestigious Escola Massana in Barcelona, ​​beyond fostering his creativity, she manages to understand complex realities and express them plastically, as well as broadening the theoretical vision of Art and its history. She has extended her artistic career through numerous assignments in various fields, from the portrait in its different facets, through the Affichisme (winner of public competitions) to enter the world of the performing arts, designing costumes for plays or comparsas. She has exhibited in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Berlin and Florence.

She also focuses on the study of visual merchandising, another of her passions, and devotes most of her professional career to window dressing, contract projects and residential interior design.

Since 2010 she co-directs the MODBA Design studio. In this new stage, she experiments with tools and digital media, positioning herself in digital art.

In 2014, the international architect and landscaper Artur Bossy discovers her work and entrusts her with a series of 35 portraits, and later collaborations in some of his architectural projects.

A remarkable part of her work are her portraits, full of emotion and symbolic content, which the artist describes as "not to use".


Text by Dolors Capdevila - FONS d'ART Gallery Director