Tangier; Morocco

"Imagination is the most important thing in this world"

"I have been an artist since I was born," says José Parra (Tangier), a self-taught artist who has always been involved in art, by observing, thinking, and performing what he visualizes in his mind. For example, his collection of mobiles is based on balance and looks like objects "sketched in the air".

After the Spanish civil war, his grandparents exiled from the South of Spain (Almeria, Málaga and Cádiz) to Tangier. For this reason, he dedicates a work, which is a mobile of light, to this city where he was born. Then his parents moved to Barcelona with a suitcase and 33,000 pesetas, and where his father found work as a bookbinder.

He enjoys a lot producing an artwork, because it allows him to experiment and try to reach perfection. Many of his works defy the physical laws of nature. His artistic production is classified by family, within a human dimension because he affirms that "the infinite does not exist, since it is relative". He designs systems and processes to achieve a continuous movement, but not infinite.

It is difficult to define what inspires him, because he has an idea at the beginning, but in finishing, the work is very different. He personally identifies himself to a bamboo cane, which is very resistant but also very flexible. Following the example of Leonardo de Vinci, his favourite artist, he invents trying to overcome scientific laws, but with a very own aesthetic finish.

His art is therapeutic insofar, as it improves his condition when he works, and says that "art is very relaxing". Parkinson's has ON and OFF phases, synchronizing to the treatment. He feels more comfortable when working over the ON phase, but values ​​the effort done in the OFF phase much more, because much more satisfactory.

The medical treatment does not affect his creativity, the only thing is that it allows him more capacity and can devote more time to produce his works.

Balance is very important in his works, because he can achieve simple but beautiful objects, challenging physical laws. It forces him to think more, to go further into a world that is becoming more and more digital. But he still thinks that "imagination is the most important thing in this world" ...