Grabs, Switzerland

"If there's nowhere to go, why choose the shortest path?"

“If the world seems empty and hard to accept, there is one thing that we must do: impose our own scale of values upon it. Martin Engler, mastering a wide range of different techniques, gives the world a dimension of its own. Since the world is not a totality whose outlines can easily be defined, his works simply transcend this diversity. Thus, it would be futile to try and define such diversity and so more easily reduce it. The stakes are high, since the issue is no less than artistic coherence, with the opportunism this often involves. The artist responds with all the vitality of his undeniable talent. Any career that follows an ideal course is bound to end in boredom. If you don’t have anywhere to go, why try to get there by the shortest possible route? Like the nomad he is, Martin takes time for contemplation. It is here and now that the most important things happen.” – Lionel Chiuch; art review

Martin Engler (1953) was born in Grabs (SG), Switzerland. He now lives in Geneva. After studying art in Zurich, he developed diverse techniques: mixed media, oil painting, collage, bronze casting and sculpture. He executes “corporate portraits» for private individuals and companies - communication through art is born. His works are snapshots of an emotional journey linking daily life to art. His transparent «Life Portraits» leave enough space for the spectator to construct his/her own interpretation. In 2008, during a stay in Havana, Cuba, Martin Engler discovered the ancient techniques of collagraphy and mono-typography. His participation at the 10th Havana Biennial is the subject of the documentary “Cuba, la caja fuerte abandonada” (Cuba, the abandoned safe), which was aired on Swiss Television and on channel TV5 in 2014-15. Martin Engler’s work has been exhibited throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia. It is part of prestigious collections and has been auctioned by Christie’s.