Barcelona 1961

“Painting is the culmination of my essence"


Not to succumb

before the temptation

of the precipice

the best treatment

it is the fornication

(Mario Benedetti)


Graduated in mural painting at the School of Applied Arts and Crafts 'La Llotja', Jardí also studied painting at the academy Tárrega, Barcelona. His first individual exhibitions began in the 80's in various galleries in Barcelona. Today there are more than 50 rooms that have exhibited his works throughout Spain.

He has also participated in outstanding collective exhibitions, in New York, Chicago, Paris, Edinburgh or Madrid, among others. His work has received multiple recognitions, such as the prize of the Mostra Juvenil d'Arts Plástiques de Catalunya, Picasso Memorial; the medal of honor of the IX and the XII edition of the BMW prize of painting; the Sala Valentí painting award, Sant Pere de Ribes (Barcelona); the XVIII National Painting Contest Villa de la Roda, and the X prize of the Acquisition Fund of the Virgen de las Viñas Cultural Contest, among others.

"Jardí is an artist who refers us to the movement of the American hyperrealists of the 60's, an influence that he confesses to us, evolving towards a so-called magical realism of his own. It is in this contrast of reality and magic that it catches us without reference. This modified reality creates a contradictory image that fascinates us. Unexpectedly, their characters unfold in a sequence, blurring gradually, projecting from themselves and in a polyhedral way their other versions, their thousand faces more or less evolved, but all parts of themselves, all real, in short. "- ART X TU

"The painter arrives when his work, that began to rise from a very young age and that surprised because it was that of a child prodigy of the plastic figuration, has come to gain a high degree of maturation. And within it, it is necessary to emphasize that, as an artist, the author has remained within the same line of explanation of the environment that is his own and to which he has never wanted to resign: the world of childhood, the one in which the person who grows up, from the inside, is surprised at what he sees and at the same time makes it his own with the desire to understand the different faces of the same reality "Josep M. Cadena.