Carracas (Venezuela), 1975

“pies, ¿para qué los quiero si tengo alas para volar?” - Frida Kahlo

Catherine Correia Barrera began her education as a child in the world of theater, music and dance. In 1993, she made her debut on Venezuelan television as host of the children's program "Club Disney", and then gave way to soap operas such as "El desafío", "Llovizna", "Cambio de piel", "Even though it costs me my life" , "Carita pintada", "Viva la pepa" and "La cuaima".

In 2002, she became interested in Fashion Design studying at the "Brivil" Institute in Caracas, and from there she decided to dedicate herself exclusively to fashion, a field in which she worked until 2016, the year of her emigration for political reasons.

As of 2016, she was curious about sculpture, another form of artistic expression such as acting or creating costumes. In Italy, she began to dedicate herself completely to Naif sculpture, for its imaginary colors and ingenuous forms. So she made works "among little black figures, balloons, goldfish and so many hearts, all simple, colorful, cheerful and naive forms", which represent her most dreamy and happy part.

In November 2017, she participated in a group show at the Axel Hotel Barcelona.