Wynwood Art Lab was at the inauguration of "Esencial" by Francisco Gálvez presented by Tiempos Modernos.

Francisco Gálvez, artisan ceramist, works with albino refractory ceramic on which he draws irregular bas-reliefs. In this new collection, there is no symmetry and each vase is a sculpture. Francisco Gálvez is one of the best representatives of a new generation of contemporary potters.

Artur Bossy, from Wynwood Art Lab, also took the opportunity to appreciate the collection of lamp reprints by Serge Mouille, who was one of the most successful French lamp designers of the last century. He defined his lamps as a reaction to the Italian designs so popular in the 50s, and never considered industrial production and each of his models were manufactured by hand.

Tiempos Modernos, located on Calle Arieta in Madrid, is an Antiques shop specializing in the latest trends in furniture and international decoration. In addition, it is an art gallery that exhibits works by great Spanish and international artists.