Alenka Slavinec, artist of Wynwood Art Lab invited to the show Simon Ma 2018 - Silk Cavallo

The photographer Alenka Slavinec, an artist represented by Wynwood Art Lab in Spain, is the guest artist at the upcoming exhibition of the Chinese artist Simon Ma, in Shanghai.

Simon Ma is an artist born in Hong Kong who moved to London at the age of 13. Trained in traditional Chinese painting, Ma has perfectly assimilated the artistic values of the West, and works normally for luxury brands. His favorite symbol is the horse.

The horse is the common point he also has with the Slovenian photographer Alenka Slavinec, who has done a fantastic artistic work on the Lipizzaner horses of Slovenia.

Likewise, Simon Ma's show intelligently involves the Italian brand Silk Cavallo, specializing in fashion accessories in leather, silk, cashmere and wool.