The painter Juan Luís Jardí, represented by Wynwood Art Lab, was exhibiting in the Art Gallery E. Arimany.

Recently, one could contemplate the fascinating works of J.L. Jardí, in the E. Arimany Gallery of Tarragona, from March 16 to April 5, 2018.

"Always disturbing and also always attractive. The work of J. L. Jardí has ​​an intense internal force; he knows how to create a special atmosphere, very special, born in silence, in treatment, in space, even in the absence of the figure even though it is often present. His characters are spectators who contemplate, introspective, the reality that Jardí reflects. Stillness, space and incognito. Possibly what Jardí paints is the future, what will happen; He poses a scene and creates a question mark. What course will events take? Different possibilities are offered, it will be the destination who decides. And for the moment the internal force of the work, always well developed, technically. " - J.LLop S