Marilena Barquero, star of the Cactus 2019 Awards Gala in Girona.

Yesterday, April 4, 2019, the fifth annual gala of the Cactus Awards ceremony was held at the Teatre Municipal de Girona, to congratulate 12 projects in the field of digital projects, marketing, communication, design and technological development. Girona FC, Gris, Bravavans, Flipr&Flipr Predict; Plátano Melón, Oliver Vegas, Unmami Multimedia, Dones que han canviat el món, Mètode S.O.L., La Buena were the winners of the last edition, as well as an honorary award for TV3 a la Carta, in recognition of its 15 years as the first Spanish platform to offer content on demand, and a great Cactus award to internet biographer Andreu Veà.

The twelve prizes of the award were customized by 12 selected artists who delivered them personally, among them the artist of Wynwood Art Lab, Marilena Barquero.

Street Art artist BRE and SDE Design company CEO Jordi Montané also attended the event. 


Editorial Wynwood Art Lab

Fotos Marilena Barquer & By Bossy