Pilar Alonso invites you to experience her new exhibition “El Cubo de Joana”, in Cubo - Espazo Aperto de Vigo.

With paper and colours, the artist Pilar Alonso tells us a story that seems to come out of television series such as Games of Thrones or the movie Matrix. The fictional characters of her first exhibitions, Cándida Standwick and Toni, now reincarnated in animals (doe and wolf), are living another story full of frames, doors, sunrises and sacrifices.

El Cubo de Joana (EJCB), according to Alonso, "is an exhibition format that invites the viewer to join the different pieces as he travels a journey", like a movie or the pages of a book.

More than figurative representations, there are the colours that fascinate us as several filters; such as Alice in Wonderland, we enter the world of Cándida created by the artist.


Editorial Wynwood Art Lab