Artist Juan Luis Jardí prepares an individual exhibition at Cinq Gallery, in Dallas.

Juan Luis Jardí, from Wynwood Art Lab, is scheduled to open his solo exhibition on May 18, at Galería CINQ, located in the Design District of the city of Dallas, USA.

Like Wynwood Art Lab, CINQ Gallery promotes emerging and mid-career artists who share a unique vision and passion for contemporary art.

"Always disquieting and also always attractive. The work of J. L. Jardí has ​​an intense inner force; able to create a special atmosphere, born of silence of technique, of space, of the absence of the figure even though it is often present. His characters are spectators who contemplate, while absorbed in thought, the reality that Jardí reflects. Stillness, space and the unknown. Perhaps what Jardí paints is the future, what will happen; he creates a scene and poses a question. What path will events take? Different possibilities are offered, but faith alone will decide. And for now, we have the work’s inner power, always well wrought from a technical point of view. " – Joan S. LLop, Critic of Art.

Editorial Wynwood Art Lab