Art for Charity “El Almendro”


Artur Bossy and Wynwood Art Lab participate in several fundraising activities for the solidarity project "El Almendro". In June 2016, an art auction was held in favour of the NGO Guardería El Almendro de San Felipe de Villamella, Dominican Republic. Up to 20 artists projected their work on a support that was auctioned and the benefits have gone entirely to the NGO.

The parish "El Almendro" was inaugurated in 1998. It is an institution of the parish of San Felipe Apóstol that offers comprehensive care to more than 250 children from 1 to 5 years of age, promoting its healthy development. The students are children of humble families with few economic resources. The nursery offers the necessary security and protection so that the children can grow and develop in a healthy and balanced way.


Editorial Wynwood Art Lab