Jose Parra enters our program of Art Patronage and signs in exclusive


Wynwood Art Lab begins its journey with a clear purpose: the artistic exchange between artists of the world with Spain and vice versa. Also, Wynwood Art Lab, has a social function supporting young creators or new artists, who need our support to have enough tools, to ensure that they can work and be recognized. This is an aspect that we are passionate about and that makes us grow as people to the company team.

This month of May of 2017, we started with an ambitious project. To promote a man, a spirit and legacy, who has found in art how to stay in balance with the disability that "parasites" him. José Parra is affected by Parkinson's, but in our opinion, he is a patient of creativity, intellectuality and good words. He has no past as an artist, but everyone is enchanted and moved; so, we are all going to support him.

José Parra transmits in his works, balance, science, sensitivity in the least and especially emotion. On May 25th, we anticipate that the installation of his artwork will be finished and that we will all be able to enjoy an authentic experience, highlighting above all his fsciniating Work "The Tree of Abraham".

Our project, in addition to its projection as an artist, consists in getting his work "The Tree of Abraham" to be the best "Memorial" in the world and to be set up in Barcelona.


Editorial Wynwood Art Lab