Live Art performances are part of the core activities of Wynwood Art Lab.


In this context, Wynwood Art Lab has produced the first of its performances with the graffiti artist Mr. Chapu. The artist has painted the entire corridor annexed to the space of the gallery with some extraordinary characters, in the style of Tim Burton. This work is part of the charms of the singular space, which can be visited at any time.

"Analogies with the aesthetics of Tim Burton and an implicit tribute to the Picassian influence in his work (of Mr. Chapu), scenes and significant figures by that surrealism that does not renounce classicist molds." - Manuel Garcia Pérez

The influence of graffiti, painting and caricature is reflected throughout the work of Mr. Chapu. By means of the mural support, the canvases and the sculpture, a communication of the artist with the spectator is created, to give foot to all to get the child that one has inside, to extract feelings and hidden emotions and to be allowed to drift, even a few instants, by the passions and concerns that we all have inside.

"We need to dream again, and make those dreams possible ..."


Editorial Wynwood Art Lab