Wynwood Art Lab is committed to be part of the cultural reference of the city of Barcelona, ​​in partnership with Wynwood Point and the sponsor of By Bossy Group.


Apart from the agenda of Art exhibitions, the laboratory will organize "happening" live art, cult film cycles, lectures and talks on art and culture, workshops and courses with themes taught by artists, pop-up art, and Cultural displays in relation to traditional dates of the popular calendar.

So, starting next season, you'll be able to see the works of the exposed artists, relive experiences by re-watching the mythical film "Blade Runner" by Ridley Scott or a cycle of famous director Woody Allen, celebrate special parties with friends such as the modern tradition of "Halloween", or participate directly in a "happening" of art or be a sponsor of a solidarity exhibition of art.

All this range of activities will be open to the public and for art lovers to approach unknown works by talented artists, or the unique space of Wynwood Point on Calle Valencia in Barcelona.


Editorial Wynwood Art Lab