Would you like to own an artwork with a minimum investment?


A novel idea coming from the United States is to enjoy a work of art without investing an important sum, in addition to other advantages.

The innovative system of directly renting a work of art has several benefits:

- 1. The service includes a complete counselling on the tastes and needs of the amateur or the company;

- 2. The framing, if necessary, as well as the transport and the hanging of the work are included in the service:

- 3. The insurance and periodic maintenance of the work, for example in case of glass breakage, are normally covered;

- 4. A rotation of the leased works can be made per month or per season, as suitable;

- 5. There is always a definite purchase option for the work, subtracting part of the rent paid.

So, for an individual, this great system allows you to enjoy a work or a cultural "crush" for a minimum time, for example, in occasion of a major celebration. Also, the art amateur can have a “testing” period before acquiring the artwork definitively.

In the same way, for a company, the system has a direct advantage that is to be able to pass the expense inside the results balance and not as a value asset; as well as to be able to make an appropriate rotation of the works in case of change of decoration (for example, in hotels, meeting rooms or cabinets of professionals ...

Come and try our new art rental option. 


Editor Wynwood Art Lab