Wynwood Art Lab offers its expertise as Art Commissariat for individuals or entities.

Our art curator will help you identify, register and catalogue your works, as well as advise you on the production of an exhibition, the transport of a work or the auction of the works for others.
Whether to identify an unknown work, set up a small exhibition, or move the piece safely, you can request the experienced services of our art curator.
With the necessary knowledge and professional practice always related to social and cultural responsibility, our curator will direct the communication of the concepts of your work and the promotion of the same to its target audience, with the relevant research and development of the catalogue suitable for the diffusion of your work.
Examples of services:
- Research and development of an expository concept
- Writing an expository project
- Proposal of collections to be exhibited
- Initial proposal for the design of the project adapted to the physical or virtual space


Editorial Wynwood Art Lab