Past Exhibition. “Torsos” by Pérez Soler at Hotel AXEL

Sculpture Exhibition “Torsos” by Pérez Soler at Hotel AXEL

December, 14th 2016 to January, 18th 2017



Artist Pérez Soler, the first sculptor in the Wynwood Art Lab´s portfolio, presents his new collection "Torsos" at the famous Axel Hotel in Barcelona.

The world of bullfighting finds in Perez Soler a new, elegant and unexpected form, dictated by an expressive freedom manifested through the use of metallic paint and fluorine, which give the pieces an extraordinary visual impact.

Always faithful to its origins, Pérez Soler uses the world of Fashion as a primordial source of inspiration, being the fabric the material with which more is identified. From the manipulation and transformation of the material, it achieves unexpected effects as well as a variety of unique textures.

The guests at the inauguration of the exhibition in the Hall of the Hotel Axel found an impressive staging of the sculptures of "Torsos" of bullfighter, clad in colour cloth ranging from gold, silver and copper, to all Fluorescent colours of the palette, thus demonstrating a very modern aesthetic, but that does not deny this most traditional symbol of Spanish culture, Bullfighting.


Editorial Wynwood Art Lab