Past Exhibition. Collective exhibition of Wynwood Art Lab’s Artists at Skellig Brown, Madrid

Collective exhibition of Wynwood Art Lab’s Artists at Skellig Brown

May, 18th to June,18th 2017


Until June 18th, this exceptional collective exhibition with artists Iris Pérez Romero, Pilar Alonso, R10, Mr. Chapu, Alberto Cob, Marilena Barquero, XRaich, and José Parra can be visited at the venue of Skellig Brown, calle Cenicero 11 of Madrid.

Marilena Barquero's customized portraits of "Cara de Oruga" welcome the collective space of artworks by Wynwood Art Lab artists in the transitional stairs.

At the beginning of the exhibition, the spectacular acrylic on canvas by the Dominican artist Iris Viviana Pérez Romero shines with all its vibrant colours and circular shape, like the earth, like the sun, as the natural cycle of being ...

In the same room, the original lithographs "Solo de imaginarlo", "Leaving Melena", and "Cubacel" by the Cuban artist R10, alias Jorge Rodriguez Diez, with which it was possible to create a space very New York architecture style, with advertisements of the 50's that give the Chic Upper-Side touch to this show.

Roman Art is not dead, and comes back renovated with modern heads and a bust made of concrete of Artist XRaich. He epitomizes ancient classical art, but with contemporary and social messages as in "The Sinner," "You Are Here," and "Privacy Limits."

We continue the visit with the works "El Saltador" and "Enterrador" of Mr. Chapu, that shows two windows opening to imaginary tunnels of the London suburbs, in the basement plant of the exhibition space.

Candida Standwick is still alive and kicking around in Madrid ... The fictional character created by Artist Pilar Alonso in reference to Actress Barbara Standwyck, is represented in the two works exhibited in the collective exhibition of Wynwood Art Lab. The pure white shade, support of the large format works "Adolescence of Pepa Clark" and "In preparatory class, do not enter with heels", melts into the white and minimalist walls of the temporary exhibition.

Like the icing on the cake, the 3 photographs of Artist Alberto Cob crown the collective show. The hardness of the Burmese portraits of the "Etnias" series contrasts with an elegant Vitra System aluminum bracket, indefectible and brilliant, and that manages to show the simple reflection of humanity with a minimalist and sober filter.