Past Exhibition. Bullfighter's Torsos of Pérez Soler at The Wellington Hotel

The “Bullfighter Busts” of Pérez Soler The Wellington Hotel

May, 25th to June,4th 2017



On the occasion of the fiestas of San Isidro, patron of the city of Madrid, Wynwood Art Lab inaugurates the exhibition "Tauromaquia" and "Retrospective" by the artist Pérez Soler in 3 unique itinerant places of the capital, with the sponsorship of Wynwood Point and By Bossy Group.

Part of the main exhibition "The beauty of bullfighting", the "Torsos" of the bullfighters integrate beautifully into the decoration of the prestigious Hotel Wellington for the bullfights season in Las Ventas.

The peculiar patina of silver, copper and golden busts mixes perfectly with the classic and elegant decoration of the Salamanca neighbourhood, frequented by the bullfighters at the moment. As for the torsos of fluorine colour, they remember some original tonalities of toreros suits, as well as delicate sweets that can be taken in the imposing Duque de Wellington hall of the hotel.

A spectacular and select combination for fans of the world of bullfighting, as well as any lover of classic figurative art, which was highlighted by accustomed to the place as the Infant Elena and former Spanish president Felipe González, among other high-level visitors.


Editorial Wynwood Art Lab