WYNWOOD ART LAB organizes the first art market COLLECTANIA MERCATART, aimed to promote and sell art works for Christmas, with the humble desire to convert the gifts that are delivered during these dates, in a cult act that remains in the time of those who receive it.
A new way of presenting culture as an acquisition that has been, is and will always be a gift, not only visual, but also personal growth.

Giving art is giving away something that differentiates us and makes us "homo sapiens" or what is the same the creation of a Work from the most absolute zero, from the infinite nothingness, the creation from the light of the emotion of the artist.
Acquiring an art work should not be conceived as a physical gift, but as a contribution to the temporality of the person who receives it, as well as being inheritable and potentially profitable in time according to the professional career of the artist in the future.