Past Exhibition: JOSÉ PARRA - Barcelona

18th SEPTEMBER 2017


"... and to the divine sea, we cast the black boat into the water, we lifted the mast and took off the sail ..."

 Thus, we begin our journey through the Mediterranean where the artist José Parra takes us, and we are discovering the siren of Homer, the Cyclops of the Odysseus and the Trojan Horse of the Iliad ... around the oldest sea of ​​human civilization, and parallel to the "Safe Way" of the artist's history.

José Parra was born in Tangier, Morocco, where his grandparents arrived from the South of Spain fleeing the Spanish civil war. Then they moved to Barcelona, ​​Catalonia; where they rebuilt their life in a new land, but near the Mare Nostrum.

Many works remember the sea, the water, the vital liquid of the human being. Since the mermaid, the sea voyage of Ulysses, or the work "Tsunami" to the organic forms of his pictorial works remember liquid and biological shapes. His works tell us the artist's own discoveries, after his trials defying gravity, as "drawing in air", following the footsteps of Leonardo da Vinci. At last, after rebuilding the shapes with four-bar colours after the Big Bang theory, we are again united together, all the major religions, in the "Tree of Abraham."

It is also a journey that we make from the depths of our feelings and our souls; it is a solution of life proposed by the artist, forgetting about war, hatred, differences and working for a world of peace.


Editorial Wynwood Art Lab