Past Exhibition: CATHERINE CORREIA. Barcelona

Wynwood Point presents the fabulous collection of "hearts" by the Venezuelan artist Catherine Correia. The exhibition is curated by Wynwood Art Lab and will be open to the public from May 1 to 31 at Axel Hotel Barcelona.

Catherine Correia Barrera, born in Venezuela in 1975, began her training in the world of theater, music and dance. Later, she starred in several telenovelas in her country, before becoming interested in Fashion Design where she worked until 2016, the year in which she moved to Europe.

The shapes of hearts come from the imaginary of the artist with naive colors and shapes, perhaps reminding her when she starred in series of telenovelas where she broke the hearts of her suitors. In any case, this symbol of love is represented by Correia with shocking and direct forms, using sometimes aggressive materials in some cases such as nails, chains, belts, screws ..., and luxurious materials such as gems and silver in other cases. This alternate use demonstrates the emotions through which a love relationship can pass before reaching its culmination.

Sometimes this tender imaginary is accompanied by a "negrito", a dark shadow chained to a heart or swinging, as if it were a sin. The collection is completed with ants made of the same material, and a beautiful fish tank of colors that surround a heart within a golden network.

The exhibition "Queen of Hearts" by Catherine Correia is an allegory of romantic relationships that can be tender, and sometimes more aggressive, but always with the luxurious colors of life, as well as the glamour of gold, silver adn gems.