Past Exhibition: MARILENA BARQUERO. Barcelona

Exhibitiion "MUSIC & ROSES" by Marilena Barquero at AXEL HOTEL. 

From 19th July to 31st August. 

     MUSIC & ROSES, series of digital works with which the artist Marilena Barquero pays her particular tribute to music, which she considers indispensable for life and humanity.

     It is a heterogeneous selection of artists that represent cultural, racial and sexual diversity, as well as musical styles. Some of those who, with their interpretations, created their vital soundtrack: moments, people, memories, circumstances ...

     One of the constants in the collection is the colorful rose, used as a stamp laden with symbolism. The rose is one of the most representative flowers in almost all societies because of its deep emotional charge and its beauty. Symbol of love, and also of life and death, as in the case of these artists and their songs.

     Likewise, traces of painting perceived as a mode of expression appear in all works. The gesture, the brushstrokes full of color and movement that make reference to the most artistic side of the artist, and with which she insists on that need for diversity and variety.

Curator Noel Luine.


Manifest Music & Roses by Marilena Barquero