Past Exhibition: J.L. JARDÍ & ALBERTO COB - Alàbriga Hotel & HomeSuites

Wynwood Art Lab presents its first dual exhibition exclusively at the Alàbriga Hotel & HomeSuites

Realized by Wynwood Point, and with the artistic direction of Wynwood Art Lab and the sponsorship of By Bossy Group, the dual exhibition gathers "Souls" by Cob and "The Day before ..." by J.L. Jardi.

Beyond a hotel only, the Alàbriga Hotel & Home Suites aims to become a centre of international and local reference culture.


Barcelona, November 2018 - Wynwood Art Lab presents its first dual exhibition with two of the best artists in each discipline, oil painting on canvas and photography. The two collections talk about the journey: for the award-winning photographer Alberto Cob, it is a journey through lost lands and tribes to rescue them in memory and in the soul; and for the consolidated painter J.L. Jardi, it is a journey towards reminiscences of the past and of childhood, a journey impregnated with nostalgia and beauty.


“The Day Before…” by J.L. Jardí

With the best pictorial and realistic pictorial technique, the painter J.L. Jardí mixes influences from Pop Art with surrealist inspirations, and references from the American artist Edward Hopper, among others, and with flashes of classic cinema to create a personal work that art critics call "magical realism". With Jardí, we moved to childhood trips: in a tram, a boat, the Orient-Express train, or a carousel. We skip the times, to relive in a nostalgic memory our experiences, where they appear a secret sect of human cats, clowns and jellyfish. The dimensions of the past and the present merge into an immobile image, and yet very real and contemporary. Jardí's work is disturbing because it incorporates his own anguish; it is provocative because it mixes several eras and dimensions at the same time; It is magical because it gives us back the melancholy of childhood.

Biography of J.L. Jardí

Titled in mural painting at the School of Applied Arts and Artistic Trades La Llotja, Jardí also studied painting at the Tàrrega Academy in Barcelona. His first individual exhibitions began in the 80s in different galleries in Barcelona. Today there are more than 50, the rooms that have exhibited their works throughout Spain.

He has also participated in prominent group exhibitions in New York, Chicago, Paris, Edinburgh and Madrid, among others. His work has received multiple awards, such as the Prize of the Mostra Juvenil d'Arts Plástiques de Cataluña, Memorial Picasso; the medal of honor of the IX and the XII edition of the BMW prize of painting; the Sala Valentí painting prize, Sant Pere de Ribes (Barcelona); the XVIII Prize for the National Painting Contest Villa de la Roda, and the X Prize for the Acquisition Fund of the Virgen de las Viñas Cultural Contest, among others.


“Souls” by Alberto Cob

 "With this series, the photographer shows us a refined photography, where the lights and shadows will play a fundamental role in the modelling of the volumes, both in the faces and in the surroundings. Through these images, the artist allows us to travel to unusual places such as the villages of Dazhai in China, the Chin villages in Myanmar or the town of the Danis in Papua, where the main focus of interest will reside in the looks, which They go beyond their own geographical situation, clothes or even time. "Alberto Cob manages to capture in his photographs tradition, fears, concerns and dreams, managing to confront the spectator before the purest essence of the human being. The soul.

Biography of Alberto Cob

Alberto Cob conducted several specialized photography courses from 2009 to 2012 taught by Olga Barra, Antonio Aragón Renuncio, and the School of Image and Sound. From then on, he participated in exhibitions at the Entrefotos Fair (2013), the Venice Arsenal (2014), Lateral Art Velázquez 53 (2015), Clorofila (2017), Art Fair Málaga (2017) and Spanish representation at the International Photography Festival of Lishui, China (2013).

He has won several photography competitions among them, the 1st Prize in Photography of the 13th Photographic Culture Competition (2012), the 3rd Prize XVIII Taranna Tourist Photography Contest (2012), the 1st Reflexive "Best Photography" Prize (2013), and became a finalist. in 2012 at the International Photography Awards and the FEP Awards; in 2013 at the ORA awards in Italy, the EntreFotos Ferial and the National Photojournalism Award; in 2014 at Mirartephoto and Arte Laguna; and in 2016 at the Entrefotos Fair and the Flamante Catalog; apart from the Honorable Mention in the Photographer's Forum Magazine of Santa Bárbara, Califórnia in 2013.

Recently, he has integrated DNG Photo Magazine as Select Photographer, and has been a finalist in the SIENA International Photo Awards, the Photography Awards of the Vila Casas Foundation, and the PHOTOESPAÑA international photography and visual arts festival.


N.Luine; Art curator